Prizes of the World Cup of Pokémon VGC

All you need to know about the event prizes

What's the prize pool?

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we’re able to provide the top teams of the competition with $5000 USD in cash prizes

What teams will get prizes?

The $5000 USD will be distributed as follows:
First place: $2500 USD.
Second place: $1500 USD.
Semi-finalists: $500 USD per team.

How the payment will be done?

The prize money will be awarded via PayPal after the competition ends to each team’s manager, who will be responsible for distributing it to their team’s players

Who is hosting this event?

Victory Road is hosting the World Cup of Pokémon VGC, proudly the world’s leading community for the game. For more information, please read here.

Who is sponsoring this event?

The event is sponsored by Elgato, Metafy and GGToor, leading brands on the gaming industry. They are kindly providing us with material and funding to make the event accessible for everyone worldwide, as well as this year's prizes.